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According to Tina, Karma's a B*tch

Bob’s Burgers anyone? 

Tina is amazing :-) Her every awkward move is gold. And she is a quote treasure trove. She cheers me up every time, making life more bearable bit by bit (or should one say, butt by butt hehe, bad pun, sorry about that).

Tardis' Allons-y!

The most incredible adventures, the wildest dreams, the most daring challenges that require both bravery and heart, the most human of all the aliens. All of this is Doctor Who. And the Tardis! Did you know it is bigger on the inside? gg I know this is the oldest jokes ever. But the Tardis still rocks :-) The whole Universe for the Tardis!

The Poly Landscape 2.0

Did you see my other Poly Landscape  already? So, how do you feel about the outdoors? Like it? Hate it? Well, here is the perfect solution for you. Like it? Show it! Don’t like it but want to impress people? Show it with this abstract-y, modern, fancy take on landscapes :-) It will definitely be a stuff of interesting conversations. And, I thought this Catan inspired design would be an even more interesting rendition of such an uncommon landscape. What do you think?

Playing the world

Have you ever felt like this? Just sitting back and playing the world :-) Sounds intriguing, to say the least. Think of all the things you could do! Want to have a go at it? Just kidding, no can do, unfortunately. But why not pretend, ey?

By the way, if you like the design but would like to change the background, just let me know and we’ll be able to arrange something :-p

Do it! Play the world!
The joys of the great outdoors

The great outdoors, this is how one imagines it: the full, bright moon, the clear dark blue skies, myriads of stars, the crackling of the fire and a tent, where you feel both safe and adventurous… Every kid’s dream. And, if the kid in you is still there, maybe yours too? I made this encouragement piece to remind myself of the kid in me, of the dreams of all the adventures I used to have to do my best to live them. Maybe you feel the same way?

Towards the Great Outdoors!
The Folly

A splash, an abstract interplay of colors, a folly? The abstract has a certain something that amuses, wonders and relieves a wandering eye. It enables seeing the way in a new light, to find the answers your were looking for maybe. It juxtaposes the normal with the irregular. But then again, what does the artist now? The answer lies in the eye of the beholder, does it not?

Crazy abstract beauty this way!